Bank of Beirut

The Bank of Beirut was founded in Lebanon in 1963 and now operates more than 90 branches worldwide. In recent years, the bank has been focused on transmitting its identity as a dynamic, experienced Lebanese bank, with a global and above all modern reach. This modernity-oriented concept was also conveyed in the construction of the Faytroun branch. In 2016, Baldassar supplied the pressed grating [...] Read more

The Brescia Metro System

The first city of Brescia’s first metro system was inaugurated in 2013: this 13 km-long light railway track connects the city’s northern districts to the south-eastern ones, by passing through the historic city centre. Almost 10 km of the track is travelled underground, whilst the remaining 3 kilometres are either at ground level or on an elevated viaduct. In 2010, [...] Read more

Motorway Cycle Bridge

The experience, collaboration and time-tested modus operandi that sets the entire Baldassar Staff apart, results in a complete internal work cycle that begins with the design and culminates with the installation, right through to the in-house construction of the work order. When necessary, Baldassar’s Specialised Technicians carry out the analyses and design surveys on site, in order to be able [...] Read more

Motorway Safety Barrier

Motorway safety barriers (aka crash barriers) are put in place to ensure, within certain limits, that vehicles do not fall off the edge of the road, should they accidentally leave their lane. In this case, the structure requires two fundamental qualities: solidity and robustness, in order to absorb part of the energy from the moving vehicle, whilst reducing the effect on [...] Read more

Marco Polo Airport

Venice Marco Polo Airport is a key infrastructure for Italy and most especially, North-Eastern Italy, as it receives around 9 million visitors a year, thanks to its 9 long-haul destinations, in addition to its numerous direct connections to and from North America and the Middle East. In 2015, Grigliati Baldassar was involved in the Tessera-located airport’s renovation works carried out [...] Read more