Our goal is to assist any user of our products in any way we can; this includes the designer, retailer and end user. With the help of our technical department – which is on hand to undertake any sector-related request – we design and manufacture products that are easy to manage and boast an excellent quality-price ratio. We are constantly looking for new materials and technical innovations in order to guarantee that each of our products is durable and high-performing. Our latest-generation factories allow us to constantly monitor the production quality and reduce the margins of error with the least environmental impact. Our key objective is, and always has been to create a working environment in which the least possible energy consumption for both the company and end client is accompanied by a smooth and harmonious workflow. Our diverse and well-organised TEAM – made up of engineers, architects, specialised technicians and high-level workers – is a reliable partner that can tackle any construction requirement by analysing it from various perspectives.

Our history

The economic recovery of the early 80s – which was so profound that many considered it a second economic boom – considerably changed the working world. The favourable condition of the world economy, especially due to the lower oil prices and the emergence of new entrepreneurs in whom people were willing to invest, encouraged large companies to significantly restructure their businesses by introducing new products to the market. Brothers Giorgio and Angelo Baldassar, who until that point had specialised in producing components for the building industry – having understood the ongoing changes and analysed the market and its possible economic developments – decided to inaugurate the first production factory for electro-welded gratings. The market immediately recognised the product’s high quality and within the space of a few years, the progress was such as to lead them to invest in other electro-welded grating production lines and a large processing department. Furthermore, over the next ten years, the company expanded its product range by entering the gate and fencing sector. It even developed its own models – completely unrelated to the grating range – with exclusive supplies and market-unique production systems. The company’s continuous production success and economic growth have not altered these two brothers’ will and initial driving force; in fact, they still continue to invest in the company in order to expand it, whilst also keeping up with the times and guaranteeing solidity and reliability.

Our company

The Baldassar company – located in Santa Lucia di Piave (TV), Italy – is spread across three premises that cover a total surface area of 50,000 m2 (of which 20,000 m2 is covered) and comprises a team of approximately 60 people, employed in the following departments:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Customisation
  • Quality control
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Administration
  • Customer support
  • Research and development

Our production department boasts three grating-manufacturing factories, one fully automated warehouse and a grating customisation-dedicated area that covers the banding, shaping and calendering processes. As a result of our domestic and international carriers, we are able to guarantee timely deliveries throughout Italy and most of Europe. In recent years, we have also reached Saudi Arabia and other non-European countries.

Research and development

Our future plans involve further enhancing our machine inventory and expanding our product range. To this end, we are designing new products for the building industry and new fence treatments which, together with the production of electro-welded stainless steel gratings, are just some of the latest Baldassar product innovations. Each year, we allocate about 20% of our turnover to research and experimentation, with the aim of anticipating market needs and maximising our client base.

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    In-house design department consisting of qualified technicians who use the latest technologies.

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    An entire department dedicated to creating projects for every need.

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    Production flexibility to satisfy any stylistic and structural need.

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    For optimally and efficiently managing and executing every order.

Standards and Certifications

We use special steels, which are provided with certificates of origin and subjected to complex processing stages (electro-welding, hot-dip galvanising and powder coating), in order to ensure optimal-quality gratings. Our technical department and sales network are always on hand for our customers. We are able to satisfy all their needs.

RAW MATERIAL UNI EN 10025 standard – Hot-rolled products of structural steels. GALVANISATION STANDARD UNI EN ISO 1461 – Hot-dip galvanised coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles. Specifications and test methods. BALL-PROOF GRATING D.M. No. 236 of 14 June 1989, Art. 4.2.2 – Gratings used as flooring shall not have mesh openings that constitute an obstacle or risk for wheels, walking sticks and the like. D.M. No. 236 of 14 June 1989, Art. 8.2.2 – Gratings inserted in flooring shall only have maximum openings that a ball with a 2 cm diameter cannot fall through.

NON-SLIP GRATING D.M. No. 236 of 14 June 1989, Art. 4.2.2 – The flooring of the pedestrian path must be non-slip. Any differences in level between the various flooring elements must be such as not to hinder the passage of a person in a wheelchair. DIN 51130: resistance to slipping. The determination of the slipping resistance according to the above-mentioned standard. GRATINGS AND STEPS UNI 11002-1 STANDARD – Panels and steps made of electro-welded and/or pressed grating. Terminology, tolerances, requirements and test methods for panels to be used as walkways and driveways. UNI 11002-2 STANDARD – Panels and steps made of electro-welded and/or pressed grating. Terminology, tolerances, requirements and test methods for steps. UNI 11002-3 STANDARD – Panels and steps made of electro-welded and/or pressed grating. Sampling and acceptance criteria for panels to be used as walkways.

Company Certifications