ponte morandi

Grigliati Baldassar for Genoa:
the renovated Ponte Morandi was inaugurated on the 3rd of August

A new rebirth is just around the corner: Monday the 3rd of August sees the inauguration of the new Polcevera viaduct, the rebuilt Morandi Bridge, just completed according to architect Renzo Piano’s design. It now crosses in respectful silence the two valleys in the heart of Genoa, the symbol of an Italy that keeps on going, but without forgetting.

It is with honour and pride that we at Baldassar took part in the project of the steel bridge built by the multinational company Salini Impregilo together with Fincantieri, supplying about 5400 panels in Baldassar electro-welded grating, mesh 34×76 plate 30×2 edged and galvanised, for a total surface of 4268 m²: the Baldassar panels were all made to measure.

With satisfaction we feel part of this successful model of valorisation and union of the national sector of large-scale works and construction, the expression of an Italy that, together in the tricolour, already demonstrates the change for union and hope that we want for the future.