Innovation in fencing

GRIGLIATI BALDASSAR S.R.L. participated in the ERDF ROP Action 1.1.2 tender regarding “Support to purchase services for the technical, strategic, organisational and commercial innovation of businesses” – a fund approved by Decree of the Regional Government No. 1848 of 14 November 2017 – and as a result, procured a non-repayable grant.

Grigliati Baldassar is a Veneto-based company with over 30 years of experience specialising in the production of gratings, fences and gates for the construction industry. The company operates across 3 facilities. In recent years, it has tested the street furniture market with its highly aesthetic fencing solutions and new specific type of fencing. As a result of this test and its first market analyses, the twofold need has emerged (a) to develop a line of innovative products with customisable accessory services, which better meet the needs of private consumers and are simultaneously compatible with production technologies aimed at reducing waste and production waste; (b) to radically innovate the company’s business model in order to better approach these customers.

Being able to meet this twofold need is strategic for Grigliati Baldassar, as it expands its existing product range, whilst also helping better position the company on the market (residential customers), in turn, expanding its global presence.

The more high-profile names in this new market focus on several factors – attention to design, attention to construction details and the quality of materials – all of which already characterise the Company’s Made in Italy philosophy.

To carry out these actions, specialist advice is required for the following: (1) Feasibility study in view of inserting innovative and higher value-added services in the existing offer, which also bear production technologies in mind, in order to reduce energy consumption and production waste; (2) Designing a new business model aimed at supporting productive innovation and capable of creating customised products, to support market expansion and commercial development; (3) Organisational upgrading to support business innovation.

This project enabled Grigliati Baldassar to achieve the expected results.