Treviso’s Piazza delle Istituzioni houses numerous bodies, associations and professional firms. It was designed to be a place of reference for every citizen by housing institutions, residential buildings and cultural spaces. The Piazza, the former Appiani area, was redesigned by architect Mario Botta with the aim of embodying its public value, by combining architecture and design. Botta, who was inspired by the medieval Italian villages, built a citadel consisting of distinctive and refined bricks, whose towers overlook the 3800 m2 large central square, which, in turn, hides the underground car parks. The aesthetic and practical factor is key for this project: Baldassar supplied various types of pressed grating meshes (M. 11 x 22, B.B. 120 x 4 for articulated lorries and M. 44 x 11, B.B. 40 x 2 for pedestrians), in addition to numerous building material accessories and specifically-designed special solutions such as grating-lifting pneumatic systems. The constant on-site presence of the Baldassar Staff was also crucial in terms of meeting deadlines and identifying the most practical and suitable solutions for the various tasks and dynamics that tend to occur during the construction phase.