Over 2000 hectares of industrial and commercial activities make up one of Europe’s largest coastal industrial areas: Marghera Port. This strategic hub – located in the beating heart of the North-East – has, in recent years, given rise to numerous restructuring and transformation processes, including those dedicated to increasing safety levels. In order to protect the area which houses the almost 800 companies and their more than 10,000 employees, Baldassar supplied its own Vega electro-welded mesh fence model (M. 50 x 200 mm, Ø 5 mm cross wire, hot-dip galvanised according to the UNI EN ISO 1461 standard and coated in a RAL 6005-coloured thermosetting powder) to fence off the external perimeter’s safety area. A choice dictated by a long collaboration between Baldassar and the industrial area’s management, in addition to our staff’s design study; the staff were able to identify flaws and threats to the safety of the Venetian hub, thus, providing a rapid and comprehensive solution. Baldassar’s Vega fence was fitted with square tube uprights (60 x 60 mm) with a cranked top for feeding through the barbed wire.