Motorway safety barriers (aka crash barriers) are put in place to ensure, within certain limits, that vehicles do not fall off the edge of the road, should they accidentally leave their lane. In this case, the structure requires two fundamental qualities: solidity and robustness, in order to absorb part of the energy from the moving vehicle, whilst reducing the effect on the passengers.

The high level of expertise the Baldassar team has acquired from 30 years of experience, has given rise to a wide range of fences and railings, able to easily respond to these needs. Furthermore, due to the variety of the product range, models and mesh types, the company is able to satisfy its customers’ various requests. Baldassar’s safety fences are now found on many main road and motorway junctions, thanks to their construction and design standards that comply with the provisions of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and European regulations.

Exposure to atmospheric agents and the need to maintain reverberation-free visibility beyond the grating are crucial elements in this setting: the Baldassar stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated grating structures guarantee a durable and resistant barrier, whilst also minimising operations and maintenance interventions. The wide mesh provides the drivers with a glimpse beyond the structure at all times, without confusing or distracting them.